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Balancing Emotions through Movement

ELEMENTAL HEALING – emotional stress release in your pocket

ELEMENTAL HEALING combines Kinesiology, Yoga and Tarot, helping you balance your emotions and energy through awareness and movement. Learn quick self-ENERGY testing techniques to reduce stress daily and handle issues as they arise. Tune into your body and mind to align with your Spirit.

Our philosophy


Noticing the patterns of your emotions, when and how they arise, allows you to move through them instead of holding onto them. Becoming aware of what you need on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level is the key to harmony.


Postural alignment in your body can affect your emotional wellbeing. Learning to effectively release tension in your body allows for greater ease of movement in daily life. Regular practice of balancing your whole being brings you peace.

Self healing system

Our bodies are made of the same Elements as in nature. When something goes out of balance, there is always a knock-on effect.

Emotions are ENERGY in MOTION. Emotions are a wave that we are supposed to ride out – not hang onto. When we’re triggered and stay in that space, we create blocks to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

You are always talking to your body – and it’s definitely listening. Your body is always talking to you – are you listening?

There is a belief in Chinese Medicine that the Yin Organs store emotions.

The Heart stores Joy
The Spleen stores Worry
The Lungs store Grief
The Kidneys store Fear
The Liver stores Anger

Feeling emotions is ok – staying stuck in these feelings isn’t...