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I have always been passionate about understanding why I am the way I am and why others are the way they are. I am super sensitive to noise, smells, food, places – and some people… I have been told many times to toughen up! What if that’s just the way I’m wired?

Why do we get on with some people while others irritate us? How do we know what emotions are ours and what emotions belong to others? Ever walked into a store happy and walked out feeling angry, but you got all the things you wanted? Maybe the teller was angry at missing their tea break, and now you’ve picked up on their anger as though it’s yours…

Why do some people heal – and others don’t? How can a pill that fixes one thing not cause an effect on something else? Why do some people stay stuck in grief or anger? Oh, the questions I ponder…

I have been drawn to many different modalities to understand humans. I have utilized different healing modalities in many situations. I’ve come to understand that my body always gives me information, and I’m learning to trust it.

I broke my back while doing gymnastics when my folks were getting divorced. I’ve since learnt that breaks in bones and teeth go to a break in perspective of life. My view of the world as a child was forced to change. Funny that…

Your journey may be similar to mine or vastly different. I’m sure you want to be a better version of yourself, or you wouldn’t be here. Managing stressful emotions is a starting point to being a better human. Being compassionate with where we’re all at as we journey home together.